Felice Felice's World Of Turtles


It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that Felice passed away peacefully on October 9th. She will be missed by all who knew her. You may read her obituary here. If you wish to contact the family, they can be reached at sactorts@gmail.com

This site will remain up indefinitely, so that her vast library of turtle and tortoise information remains available. Felice's videos will always be available on her YouTube channel.

For questions about turtles and tortoises, please visit the club's Facebook group.

 Information Sheets:
Box Turtle Care Sheet
Common Ailments
Water Turtle Care
Desert Tortoise Care
Redfoot Care
Baby Box Turtle Care
Baby Water Turtle Care
Incubation of Eggs
African Leopard Tortoises
Helpful Hints

About the club:

I founded the Sacramento Turtle and Tortoise Club in April of 1981 and at present we have approximately 950 members. I have two videos available, “Turtle and Tortoise Care in Captivity”and, “Box Turtle Care In Captivity.” I am trying to expand the line of videos to include water turtles, exotic tortoises and indoor habitats (of which I do not approve but realize that sometimes it is not possible to keep the turtle outdoors.) So, welcome to my world of turtles and tortoises. I hope you enjoy the ride!